Monday, August 18, 2008

Echo's Mobile Mural

This "Mobile Mural" was created with my favorite little cousin, Echo in mind. She lives in England, and where I would love to go visit her, and actually paint her walls, that was a little ridiculous. So, I painted this "Mobile Mural" for her to take home with her in her suitcase. Size of 4 feet tall by 5 feet wide, I stretched this out on heavy duck cloth canvas, painted it with acrylic paints, and then removed it from it's stretcher bars, and cut off the extra canvas so that she could roll it up, or fold it up into her suitcase! When she gets home, she can hang it on the wall with tacks, or frame it! It is really durable and easy transporting off the stretcher bars. Kinda fun whimsical style for a little person's bedroom, hope you enjoy!
Doodlin' Di Trademark, August 2008

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Duda2 said...

Di, these are amazing! I can't wait to show my dad. Great work! -Tracey