Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Painting with Wild Daisies I (framed)

This is a fun piece I did with wild daisies out in the yard. I like how simple, yet colorful it came out, and then how dramatic it looks framed. This is small, anyone interested in purchasing one like it, please contact me. The size of the opening of the mat is 6 1/2"x 4 1/2" and the frame size opening is 8"x10".

Doodlin' Di Trademark June 2008

Fenway's Green Monster in Pastels 2008

So, I got quite a response with the first Green Monster (the Mobile Mural one) and tried out a different medium (being the pastels/chalk) and made it smaller, and frameable! And got a different personalization request. So here it is, it is 18"x 24" framed in a 22"x 28" frame with a mustard outside mat, and inside matting is RED SOX RED! The details are more softened, but you still get that ballpark effect!
Doodlin' Di Trademark July 2008